A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Over the course of just under two weeks, I and dozens of others took part in the International Game Concept Challenge in Nagoya, Japan. In a team with students from Japan, Singapore, and Finland (plus me from Australia), we made a small game based on the theme "AI - Artificial Intelligence".

We decided to make a game based around making a community of robots. They have personalities and moods of their own, and act according to both of those traits. Personalities are static, but moods change.

Remember, this is a game jam game heh! Made by a team of people whose primary form of communication was Google Translate. :)

Check out the 30 second promotional trailer here. ^_^

ZhaoYuan (Lead Programmer/Robot Programmer)
Shodai Ando (Programmer/UI Programmer)
Shun Kato (Programmer/AI + Monster Programming)
Lasse Pänkäläinen (Designer/Art/Music)
Penelope Davison (Designer/Art//Video)


penlovely_mac_robotto-dan.zip 29 MB
penlovely_windows_robotto-dan.zip 27 MB

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