A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Fussy Chicken
A chicken chasing game created for an assignment by Penelope May, contactable on: penelopedavisonact@gmail.com

Turn left: "A"
Turn right: "D"
Move forward: Alternately hit the "I" and "O" keys
Press 'P' to pause.

The Aim:
Become the fussiest chicken in the yard by making lots of noise and taking attention away from the alpha chicken. Chase down as many alpha chickens as possible before the timer ends.

Intent behind the game:
This game is a movement game, in which the player moves via how worked up their chicken is. Each cluck/attention seeking squawk allows the chicken to move faster and faster. By reaching the biggest chicken in the yard, the fussy chicken takes attention away from the alpha chicken and is one step closer to having all the glorious attention for itself.
This game is intended to just be some light hearted fun, and practice in Unity. There may be future updates in the future such as multiplayer, or it may be included in a future game.

#1 Ethan Davison: 24
#2 Nickolai Tashchilin: 22
#3 Arcaline: 21
#4 Dylan Schneider: 19
If you beat a high score screenshot it and send it to me!

Third Party Assets:
Fat Chicken Font (free for personal use)

Chicken Scratch (100% free)

Pause Screen UI (/UI manager script) adapted from this tutorial:

Sound Manager script adapted from this tutorial:

Music (creative commons):

1. Currently if you hit the wall barricades your chicken will skate uncontrollably away. If this happens you'll need to restart via the pause menu. Sorry. :(

2. If your score gets too big the text gets cut off. Don't worry, it's still counting and will show up at the end. :)


Fussy Chicken Windows.zip 46 MB
Fussy Chicken Mac.app.zip 15 MB

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